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Since 1960, Ettinger Engineering Associates (EEA) has been a leading MEP engineering consulting firm in the New York Tri-State area and beyond. Throughout our history we have partnered with architects, developers, municipal agencies, institutions and other engineers to build nearly one thousand buildings of all shapes and sizes and we continue to provide a fully inclusive range of MEP services to the area’s largest architects, developers, agencies and institutions.

EEA is a mid-size firm with enough capability, experience and resource to take on the largest of development projects. Without saying, EEA consistently provides innovative, future-focused, cost-effective, sustainable and high-quality engineering designs. However, we are set apart by our need to relentlessly exceed expectations and our ability to provide intelligent, but flexible, designs tailored to every need.

On exceeding expectations, EEA prides itself on its ability to provide exceptional customer service. We are expeditious in responding to all client requests and each of our projects is assigned a Principal-in-Charge (and Project Manager(s) depending on the project’s size) to ensure all facets are handled with appropriate care. Above all, our management and staff “set the bar high” as our goal is to consistently and relentlessly exceed expectations.

On our design philosophy, we understand that every project comes with its own story and are adept at providing designs to satisfy each project’s unique requirements. Furthermore, our designs not only reflect architectural, builder, developer and occupant requirements, but anticipate what will be needed on our clients’ behalf. From projects requiring designs which are cost conscious, ultra-highly sustainable, technologically cutting edge and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Finally, we offer highly competitive pricing for our services. Ask for a quote and you’ll see.

Working at EEA

Working at EEA