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Working at Ettinger Engineering

EEA is a mid-size firm with enough capability, experience and resource to take on the largest of development projects. At the same time, our company is organized in smaller studios which provide for numerous client and employee benefits. As an example of an outward benefit, our studio model ensures that repeat clients interact with consistent managerial and engineering staff that is familiar with client operational models, expectations, norms, etc. Inwardly, studios and the smaller project teams within them, allow our employees to form tight-knit and collegial professional relationships, allow for seamless work sharing and more.

Beyond a culture which rewards excellence, “sets the bar high”, and strives to consistently and relentlessly exceed expectations, our internal culture is centered around five additional tenets:

At EEA, we believe that our people are our greatest asset and that happy employees make for happy customers. As a natural extension of this, EEA holds multiple staff appreciation events a year including things like luncheons, group sporting events, team building events, monthly staff birthday celebrations and holiday parties.

EEA supports staff professional development through numerous licensure, certification and degree reimbursement programs. We also host several lunch-and-learn programs a month to assist in broadening staff knowledge bases. Additionally, while most of our staff work in small teams, all new-hires are paired with senior staff members to ensure they are provided with the guidance and mentorship needed to grow and develop rapidly.

We also run multiple types of informal rotational programs allowing for staff growth. For one, we rotate qualified design engineers through departments to develop their skill sets in multiple MEP design trades, internal project management functions, etc. This program enables staff members to develop the skill sets needed to become future technical, project or business leaders at EEA. As another example, we will rotate qualified drafters into design functions which facilitate individual growth, improve drafting quality and more.

EEA prides itself on its ability to listen to customer requirements and adapt to them with designs suited to every need. We understand that each project comes with a unique set of circumstances and will seamlessly produce design concepts ranging from the most cost-effective, to most cost conscious, to most sustainable, to most technologically advanced and more. In EEA, our clients have a true partner to serve their truest of needs.

At EEA we take environmental stewardship into consideration two major ways. First, as a provider of sustainability consulting services, we use this platform in design to drive environmentally minded designs which seek to minimize both first costs and maximize operational efficiencies. Second, within our direct control, we are conscious of our own environmental footprint and carry this into our daily operation. As examples, our office has recently undertaken efforts to increase recycling and reduce energy consumption.

We believe that diverse teams leverage diverse perspectives to the benefit of a project’s design. At EEA, our staff members come from a diverse set of cultural and professional backgrounds. We are mindful of our team’s varied skill sets, use this to create balanced project teams and otherwise leverage this to our advantage in our everyday work practices.


The Bullpen

The Bullpen