Civil Services

Rainfall Ready

The world today faces challenges resulting from a rapidly changing climate. Many capital projects, including infrastructure, landscapes, and buildings will experience flooding, precipitation, and similar events. Sewer, storm and civil infrastructure face these challenges and regulations associated with such are ever changing in response to such. EEA has always had a smaller Civil department, but has expanded such to step into today’s challenges. Additionally, with ever tighter project deadlines, coordination between offices can cause delays. By integrating design services, EEA can streamline the design process to provide our clients with clear, concise biddable drawings.

NYC Flood Mapping NYC FLood Mapping

NYC Flood Mapping NYC Flood Mapping

FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping.

Our range of Civil services and expertise now includes:

Energy Modeling

Strong understanding of NYC’s new Unified Stormwater Rule (USWR)

Including requisite field inspections and signoffs

DEP Cross Connection Plans for RPZ, DCVA, DCDA, and RPDA for new water and fire service connections

DEP Site Connection Plan and House Connection Plan (SD1 & SD2) for new sanitary and storm connections to sewer;

Blue Roof design, detention tank design, green roof design, dry well, etc.

DEP Industrial Waste Permits

DEP / BEPA Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Full design to meet water quality volume, runoff reduction volume, and sewer operations volume by use of infiltration, evapotranspiration, detention, and reuse

DEP Hydrological + Hydraulic (H+H) Analyses of sewer loading for rezoned areas or otherwise

DEP Hydrant Flow Test Application and Processing

DEP Sewer As Built Map Application and Processing

DEP Field Investigations Application and Processing

Site Grading and Drainage Design

Rainwater harvesting system design and irrigation needs analyses

Long established relationships with DEP personnel

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Detention Tank and SCP Section Detention Tank and SCP Section.

Detention Tank, Installed Detention Tank, Installed.

Backflow Valve installation. Backflow Valve installation.