Boricua College

Project Details

  • Address: Melrose Commons, 890 Washington Avenue
  •   Bronx, NY
  • Owner: Boricua College &
  •   Atlantic Development Group LLC
  • Architect: Aufgang & Subotovksy Architecture
  • Status: Completed

Project Key Features

New, mixed-use urban development project on 4.5 acres including 8 buildings totaling 1,400,000 square feet. Project includes 14 story, 130,000 square foot college, 7 mid and high-rise rental apartment buildings each with commercial space. All built on 80,000 square foot common garage facility.

Boricua College is a 14-story building multi use school building with approximately 128,000 square feet. The building is heated by gas fired rooftop units and water source heat pump units. High efficiency boilers supplement the water source heat pump system and domestic hot water. Facility includes classrooms, performance art space, administrative offices and multi-use spaces. On site emergency power system is provided for building use.

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