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Jane’s Carousel

Project Details

  • Address: 45 Dock Street, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Broooklyn, NY
  • Owner: Jane and David Walentas Family
  • Architect: Jean Nouvel
  • Status: Completed

Jane's Carousel

Project Key Features

Jane’s Carousel is a classic 3-row carousel with 48 carved horses and tow chariots. Created in 1922 by Philadelphia Toboggon Company it was included by David Walentas in his Empire Fulton Ferry State Park Master Plan. Jane’s Carousel is housed in a gorgeous glass pavilion, designed by architect Jean Nouvel. The pavilion is an acrylic box, 72 feet on each wall with a 26-foot-high ceiling. He refers to the carousel as “the bijou” — the jewel — in the middle of the box.

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