1331 Jerome Avenue

1331 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY Architects Rendering.

Project Details

  • Address: 1331 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY
  • Owner: Atlantic Development & The Doe Fund
  • Architect: GF55
  • Status: In Design

Project Key Features

This project will be a new 15-story, 223,000 square foot 255 unit supportive housing building with a substantial retail base of 34,000 square feet and 2,500 square feet of supportive office space providing numerous building services. The project is pursuing HPD+HCR financing and LEED v4 Multi-Family Mid-Rise Gold Level Certification accordingly. EEA is providing MEP/FP design, sustainability, commissioning and inspection services including LEED program management, energy modelling, LEED & DOB Commissioning, TR8 inspections and TR1 inspection services.

 LEED Gold Badge

1331 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY Architects Rendering.

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