5Pointz - Jackson Ave

5Pointz, Jackson Avenue, LIC, NY

5Pointz, Jackson Avenue, LIC, NY Architects Rendering.

Project Details

  • Address: 22-44 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY
  • Owner: David and Jerry Wolkoff of G&M Realty
  • Architect: HTO Architects
  • Status: Under Constructrion

Project Key Features

Topping out at 41 and 47 stories, the planned buildings will contain just over a million square feet of floorspace. The beige stone-clad high rises will include 1,115 apartments and 20% of the units will rent at below-market rates. Affordable units will be split between the two towers, and there won’t be separate entrances for market-rate and affordable apartments.

The first few floors will host 20 artist studios, 40,000 square feet of retail, and a public parking garage with 262 parking spots. The garage will be hidden away and fronted by galleries and a 40x80 food dedicated graffiti wall.

The site plan promises plenty of green space, including a large interior courtyard between the buildings and private park space with fountains at the back of the complex, along Sunnyside Yards.

5Pointz, Jackson Avenue, LIC, NY Groundbreaking at the Site.

5Pointz, Jackson Avenue, LIC, NY The ambiance of the now demolished 5Pointz Street Artist Warehouse is to be continued in the project.

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