Domino Development - Site E

Project Details

  • Address: 325 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
  • Owner: Two Trees Management
  • Architect: SHOP Architects

Project Key Features

A new 550,000 square foot LEED certified residential building part of a five building 3,000,000+ square foot Domino Sugar Factory urban development. The building includes 522 apartments, a 200 kWe combined heat and power plant (CHP, e.g. cogen), three-levels of subgrade parking, common lobby, lounge and fitness spaces. A bridge with precast slabs connecting the building’s towers required highly detailed coordination amongst all project consultants.

 LEED Silver Badge

Domino Sugar Factory Site
The Project Factory Site in Brooklyn.

Domino Sugar Factory Vintage Machinery
Vintage Factory Machinery

Domino Sugar Factory Development Design Model
Illuimated Design Model

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