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Halletts Point Building 7

Halletts Point Building 7, Astoria, NY Hallets Point Stie Render, Astoria, NY

Project Details

  • Address: Halletts Point Building 7, Astoria , NY
  • Owner: The Durst Organization
  • Architech: Dattner Architects
  • Status: In Design

Project Key Features

Halletts Point Building 7 is part of a 2.4 million-square-foot new construction project that will transform the waterfront of Astoria, Queens. The building is to be 14-stories and will be approximately 152,000 gross square feet. In support of the building’s design, EEA is leading an effort to offset a pre-existing 80” x 60” boiler flue from an adjacent 22-building NYCHA campus underground and up through Building 7.

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